i found: a dollhouse

Before Facebook, before blogs and rss feeds and everyone’s ideas being pushed out to you and then recycled in the artificially, eternally-sustained virility of reposts and social collectives centered around reposts (looking at you, Pinterest),* there was still Google. We didn’t have a computer until my freshman year of high school, but despite insisting to the contrary, my parents eventually reached into their impossibly tight pockets and pulled out a few bucks for high-speed cable internet. Most of my friends were still on dial-up, but there were significantly fewer pictures, and no such thing as image search, and the closest thing to youtube were animated gifs, so the only real benefit (to me) was not having to sacrifice my use of the phone. Because this was also before cell phones, you see.

Anyway, reading back through that I am starting to sound like a codger. Boo. But! That was not really the point of that exposition. While the internet has always been a pretty cushy little place, what seems to have changed the most in terms of delivery of content is that you used to have to find things on the internet. Now they find you, like Soviet Russia. But in my internet youth, I spent a lot of time googling hazy memories from my very young childhood, like “what songs are on the Ferris Bueller soundtrack” [total sidenote: none was published, so I located a track list then recreated it for myself], with mixed results.

In that spirit, I have googled every few years about this fantastic dollhouse my mom brought out of storage one year. All I remembered was that it had three stories and was super modern and the walls and floor were clear in this super-modular, but you’d be amazed at how hard it is to find when all you really have to search on is ‘dollhouse modern vintage clear floors.’ There are NO distinct words there! Then today, in a stubborn fit of “I’m going to dick around on the internet while I drink my coffee,” I found it. There. On the 28th page of google image results.


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