Five years ago two days from now, I failed miserably at making this recipe in a tiny, hot kitchen above a vintage shop in Brookline, after spending about two hours insistently steaming, cooling and scraping a very annoying pumpkin instead of just using a $1 can.


My muffins came out sad and dense and wet, and on my way to work there was a guy asking for change on the median, so I gave him a sack of about a half dozen. I left a comment on the recipe post, have not made them since, and will never substitute the real deal for canned pumpkin ever again.

Apparently, 45 minutes later, my very good friend (and maid of honor) Heather commented on the same blog post, except I didn’t realize that until just now because it was a month before we met. *dun*dun*DUNNNNN*


Fate is luck, I guess.

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